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Lonely is a friend in itself

Good Morning
Clouds feel low
enough to tickle
speeding they
slip on through,
carrousel figures
transparent grins
as you reach out
they flurry past
just like thoughts
quickly carried off
not heard from again.
I love the peace
resonating through
after I sing
the strength
coursing within
calm like playing that
instrument I don't have
energy clearing up with
words, visions aflutter more,
many more, butterflies inside.
A tiny warrior stands
as tall as possible
still fits under a rail
looking out over landscape
ready to take on the world
this, this all I can handle
this, this much to deal with it
not like those nightmares
just left in rearviews
hindsights giving wild chase
even as I calm my breathing.
I love the weight
of my hair hanging
pressed against tail
bone, until next breeze
constant reminder and friend
lone as it may be,
myself is enough. (fight
urge to lean, shoulder I have
not had, whisper soft in close ear
isolated further than Calypso)
continue to shy from scissors
and maybe I should
because this can be enough
I would miss her company
too much and I
already miss too much.
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