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in other unmentioned news, </3s suck

OH MAN! I forgot how loud I can SHRIEEEEEK like a girl
seriously, it wakes the dead and makes the silence SO heavy afterwards, and all the cats even the ones that were snoozin soundly, are all huddled against the wall at the far FAR side of the apt
and I had this feelin for awhile just of shock and "Eep did I do dat?" feeling it resonating through me still. Teehee
Ain't gotten that loud since... since... Superman ride at Six Flags
One of the kittens jumped on my back and DUG claws in this morning... I had no warning and it was mah tailbone and hip area
and it was DEEP digging, not little scra\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\tches (<---sorry kitten monster again)
So.. yeah that was interesting
At least that wasn't a spot that got sunburned yesterday
Silly kittens think my hair looks SO good to attack when I'm sitting...
How many times do I have to say I really need to cut it, before I finally do? HMMMN.
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