kit[inaboxw/brokenmirror]bits (kitbit) wrote,

lotsa kat pix

there's an art to the perfect cat napping zen:

i need to find a way to ask her for some yoga lessons, but how do you approach this? that look just makes me /flee

after all that, it's time to run some of that stored energy off, and i know just the little red dot to chase!

you know on this one, i fought my urge to cut out the stack of shoes, but then right when i was going to i kinda liked it. so i figure fuck it, hi my name is jenaee and why yes, i *do* live in this (converted, again, yet another one) garage and yes there's no proper way to organize everything shoved in here, so there's stuff and boxes showing all over the place. not to mention all the stains showing on the carpet from i don't wanna know what before we moved in. oh well, that's just the way it is.

someday she's really going to get it, i bet that's gotta taste disappointing.
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