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More Pixamania

WTF is wrong with me, I drink a cup of coffee, and it just makes me crash: this happened with most of the girls in my family, first cup makes us sleepy.
So then I make another one(not hot coffee, an iced coffee drink, first was mmmn vanilla almond and second was hazelnut) but that cup ALSO made me sleepy with the added bonus of upsetting my stummy.
/throws up her paws.
must get work done. just wanna curl up and cry. blah.
So I went shopping today, and idunno why but I'm in pic-heavy mode now. So here's noo stuffs. Hrmb.
But first, the two crappy phone cam, but cute cute cute sweet baby pix.

Dude, issit just me, or does that little nose look exactly the way mine is?

*five mins after posting* Wait, ROFL that says black cocky!

The blue one is a little too tight, damnit. It fits, just I'm not comfortable with that in such a light colored thin shirt. Though it does have a lot of pattern there, maybe it won't say HELLO NIPPLES! as much as I think, but still.

ZOMG JEANS, WOOT! Srsly, I've been good jeanless for months, I even went and bought a lot before but the fitting rooms were closed so I had to guess/pray and at that time I still hadn't figured out the way in which I'd gained my weight so nothing fit. Then I had some that were just a bit too big but I wore them anyway, but they really didn't work. Somehow though last week one pair I'd bought in that "ZOMG I CAN'T LIVE HAVING NO JEANS AT ALL, IF I BUY 5 ONE HAS TO WORK" session a month or so back, suddenly fit perfect, though scale says I haven't lost any weight. Hrmnb.
So yeah, this new place that opened here had jeans in *gasp* larger sizes that were all decorative. WTF the world is ending. I went into the dressing room with so many of them and came out frustrated and dissappointed with them all, but had Teddy help cut the plastic thingie on the belt so I could actually try the black ones on and then find the other ones a size larger while I went back to the fitting room.
Girl sizes are SO confusing, same brand different style and you're in different sizes sometimes, makes no sense. Blah. But finally, I won two new jeans, yay!

And this is a shirt I'm so in love with, I've had it for awhile now, it was really cheap and I really didn't understand why it called to me even as I bought it: totally expected to get home and hate it on me. For just a couple of dollars it seemed worth giving a shot though, I'm so glad I did. It seemed more like something hand made and really huge, plus I generally hate myself in anything sleeveless, but it's really so nice. And totally not something I'd usually do. WTF, flower power?
If I could sew I'd try to make more of these, it seems so simple but so perfect.
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