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...and his name is pan(i think)

He's supposed to be my bday present, but I got him Sunday, a couple of months early. :D
Still not sure on the name, I want to name him Pan, it's so fitting for him, but everybody else thinks it's stupid cuz they think stupidly, of like a frying pan instead of Pan Pan and probably think I'll name my kid Pot someday too.
Actually the full name is going to be Panumbra, because I always like extra meanings and names that allow for different nick/variations and I've always been fond of the word penumbra, so combining them is kinda weird but I think it'd work.
In the same sense that Teddy knew the minute he thought about it and convinced his bro to let us have a puppy, that a puppy isn't something you can just go buy and give as a gift to me, a name is too important to rush in my opinion too. I wouldn't think of a name before we found our puppy when we were looking, I spent a couple of days with him trying to let the right name come. It hasn't really hit me hard enough though, so I'm still not sure.
The only other thing I could think of is Khameo, because of the way his markings look on his face like a mask like a cameo and(also why penumbra fits) how shadow is also fitting for the way he walks with you, behind like a shadow. I don't really like it as much, but it could work too. Then maybe later we can get a girlie dog to name Kharma to go with Khameleon. See, that spelling doesn't even work for it either, idunno. He still isn't responding to my Pan yet but he did when I tried Khameo that once... but then maybe he was just horny and excited at the time, cuz he sure was that.
Yeah, let me have one dog, I just want another. I'm like that sometimes. So much much more to write about him and so many stories to tell already, but I'm zausted as it is now. I have a lot more pics to post too, maybe I'll just throw them up so hopefully I'll write more about them tomorrow. Yeah that's it.

This is our backdoor, he gets so upset when you go in and he can't follow... that's how he first barked at me.

You sooooo don't wanna know what he does to that blankie of his... he <3s it to death, literally. Then he tries eating the little pieces left of it if I don't grab them first. Wee.

AAAAH Teh Evil Hand is coming to get him. Nah, Teddy was just petting him.

I haven't mentioned how the whole first day we had him he would *not* lay down at all. The. Whole. Day. So hyper, we were getting worried but he's starting to chill out.

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